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Time Passes

Where to begin?

A few years have passed since my last writing on this site. I haven’t devoted time to my novels, as my time is now happily occupied by my beautiful daughter (who turns 18 in a few short months!) and my full time employment at the dental laboratory, where I am lab manager. I will return to my fiction writing, most likely when the nest is empty and I begin to stare at the walls and wonder how time passed so quickly. But for now…my busy mom duties and laboratory life take priority!

In recent months, we purchased a Zenotec 5 axis milling machine, and are now happily producing our own wax, zirconia, and pmma units. Science in the dental industry is indeed amazing. I started in the industry in 1987, upon graduating from college. As it evolved, thankfully, so did I.

It is possible to teach old dogs new tricks. The biggest challenge is the keep an open mind. Many of the evolutions I have seen have brought forth not only quality improvements, but an increase in the speed of completion of tasks and production as well. But it doesn’t necessarily mean that we should always use the newest method just because we can.

Sometimes the best method in the laboratory is still the old tried and true hand technique. The predictability is there, as well as the most important one: knowing that you can still achieve what the machine can.

To me, yes, technology in the dental industry is truly amazing, and it is a great feeling to watch my ‘robot’ spin as it creates teeth. However, I never want to lose the same exact feeling as I sit at my bench and create the very same thing by hand. It is important to say that just because we can scan, design, and mill….doesn’t mean we should!

I embrace technology. I also embrace my ability to decide when to use it, and when to use my hands.

Enjoy the day!



Naples Authors Event

Saturday, April 10 turned out to be a fantastic day at the Naples Authors Event on 5th Ave.  I quickly set up shop and was off to the races, selling my first book (Mr. Bothers) within the first 5 minutes!  Woop-woop!  It was a sweltering 90* outside, but the cool chill of the ice cream shop (Kilwin’s of Naples) was a welcome reprieve.  My first stop was Kilwin’s, followed by Prudential Florida Realty, then on to Vergina’s Restaurant on 5th.  All three of my host businesses were more than gracious, and I had a great time at each location.

It has been a bit of a struggle for me in the recent years to come out of my self-imposed protective cocoon and dare to promote myself and discuss my books.  It’s a scary thing; putting your work out there for unknown eyes to read.  And, if you write from your heart rather than just fill the pages, then you potentially set yourself up for some harsh critiquing and raising of the eyebrows from those who know you personally.  That was the toughest of all for me as a writer.  Many who know me well, can’t fathom that I could even possess an imagination as graphic or have perhaps even had firsthand knowledge of some of the very horrors that I write in my novels.  That is a jagged pill to swallow for some of my dear friends and close acquaintances.  Imagination?  Fiction?  Fact?  Yes, there is always some truth to my fiction.

Mostly, my novels are the result of my overactive imagination that I’ve been quietly nurturing since grade school.  While most of my classmates were studying subtraction next to me, I was busy daydreaming…lost in the clouds, wondering where all the castles and dragons were kept.  Or, sometimes, I imagined I knew where the monsters lived.

When I first began to write, I didn’t write so freely.  I  second guessed myself and stressed over what I though the reader would want to read, or perhaps, worry about what the reader wouldn’t accept.  Now?  Now I write for myself, come what may.  And that has been a freeing gift.  Ah…the joy of being a woman in her 40’s!

This is what I am most proud of as I hope to attend more writing events in the coming months.  And as I learn and grow, both as a woman, mother, and writer, I hope to always embrace change and be proud of where I’ve come from and the many mistakes I’ve made along the way.  I am intensely proud of my work, mistakes and all, because after all, art does imitate life.



The most terrifying place in my condo?  That is easy…my filing cabinet.  When I assess this vast wonderland of financial documentation, medical records, and personal memorabilia, I cannot help but to observe the striking similarities to my brain.  Both the cabinet and my brain are cluttered, as well as complete.  And by ‘complete’ I mean yes, the information is there….but you just might not be able to find it.  Ever.

The human brain is indeed a work of wonder.  Not just my brain, oh no, but every brain ever found embedded in the noggin of every human walking upright and collecting a paycheck (or not).  And the same can be said of my filing cabinet.  And my rusty rectangular tower of terror holds some gems as well, let me tell you.

Let’s see how close we can get on the comparison.

Filing Cabinet:  Financial records.  Medical records.  Family and personal memorabilia.  Various and sometimes useless information saved for a rainy day.  A lot of stuff that I’m not sure I should keep but continue to store.

Brain:  Financial records.  Medical records.  Family and personal memorabilia.  Various and sometimes useless information saved for a rainy day.  A lot of stuff that I’m not sure I should keep but continue to store.  A lot of stuff that I’m sure happened, but can no longer recall when, but continue to store.  Creativity.  Artistry.  The ability to grow, make decisions, and change.

I guess the brain is ahead, so far.  But I think I’ll keep the rusty cabinet.  I just have to clear the clutter.  Then I might be able to find some of the useless stuff, and put it to use.  Or, just continue to store.  Why?  I dunno.

Coffee and News

Now that I am well into my first cup of coffee, I am ready to post my plan for next weekend’s Naples Author’s Event.  On Saturday, April 9, I will be both ecstatic and exhausted.  Here’s the run down:

Naples Authors & Books Festival

noon to 3pm at Kilwin’s of Naples Ice Cream

3-6pm at Prudential Florida Realty

6-9pm at Vergina’s on Fifth

This is all in connection with the Naples Press Club’s 9th annual Writers’ Conference.

Last night I received my give-a-ways….and I’m so excited!  I want to keep them all myself, but that would be selfish and missing the whole point.  If you should luckily find yourself in Naples, Florida next weekend, come on down to 5th Ave. and say howdy to me.

Well…here goes!  My first attempt to blog.  Ever.  This will prove to be a challenge for me.  How many times will I possibly use the ‘delete’ button before I push ‘publish’?  It is anyone’s guess.

I spent the first part of the day at the pool, attempting to rid myself of my pale winter pallor prior to the upcoming Naples Author’s Event on April 9.  Though I do realize that laying poolside for an extended period of time is not the most intelligent of choices, there is a great sense of peace and tranquility I feel as I soak up the rays.

The second part of my day was spent cleaning.   This is also one of my habits that I must complete prior to writing.  I’ve tried to break this pattern, but it is as though I am avoiding writing until all else has been accomplished.  Or perhaps it is simply a way to dispel nervous energy.

During my chores, I run through where I am in my manuscript, toying with ideas on what characters will do next.  And yes, they always surprise me.

Trophy, here I come.  After all, it is now the third part of my day; writing.